Alumni Placement

After graduation

Over 90% of BISLA alumni continue to pursue graduate education after BISLA. They have a very high admission rate to the most prestigious universities across Europe. More than 63% of our graduates have completed or are pursuing graduate degrees abroad. 

Many of BISLA’s graduates go on to study abroad in English, either in English-language programs in central Europe,  the United Kingdom, Asia or the United States. Our alumni have studied at various universities and faculties, almost half of them at institutions abroad like the Sciences PO, Oxford, London School of Economics, King’s College, University of Oslo, the University of Groningen, Purdue University, University of Chicago, Central European University, and more.

BISLA provides a well-rounded, skills-centered education, which serves as a springboard for a broad range of professional careers. BISLA students acquire the skills and knowledge that enable them to apply for positions in the public sector, non-profit organizations, media, marketing, culture, business, or academia.

What our graduates study