Major Principles

The tutor system at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA) is aimed at providing a personal, individual and responsible approach to each student during the full course of study. A tutor’s goal is to provide students with all the necessary information in a timely fashion, to help students arrange their study plans, to solve study issues in a reliable and timely fashion, and to facilitate communicate between students, teachers and the college administration.

This is a brief overview and does not contain a detailed and complete list of rights and responsibilities. That can be found in the BISLA Study Rules and Regulations and in the BISLA President’s Guidelines on the Tutorial System.

Major principles

  1. There is a tutor granted to every student at BISLA for the whole length of study. The main task of a tutor is to provide personal assistance, and to inform and advise a student in a timely fashion of all their rights and obligations at BISLA. The guiding principle of the tutor’s work is an individual and personal approach to each one of the students.