BISLA’s liberal arts curriculum is designed to foster well-rounded, skills equipped, independently minded individuals through a rigorous bachelor-level course of study. All students major in Political Science, and choose one of the following minors: International Relations, Political Thought, or Sociology.

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In 2017, BISLA has entered into the second decade of its existence.

Over 150 successful graduates have left its gates

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    Just like last year, our incoming first-year students will get the whole scoop on studying and life at BISLA. Registration is on Monday at 1pm....

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    01 Adam Petrikovič
    02 Eva Krajňáková
    03 Jozef Majerník

    BISLA alumnus 2014: Studying at BISLA gave me much… new schoolmates, great friends, unique lecturers and numerous unforgettable experiences.

    And above all, studying at BISLA has taught me to think – face problems and search for solutions in a way that is somewhat strange to present-day man. Indeed, it was BISLA that taught me that more important than the answer is the question itself. BISLA is different… it is individual, personal, intimate. It is critical. It is modern while still founded on tradition. It is all about what a young and curious person can wish for… and even much more!

    Adam Petrikovič

    BISLA alumnus 2012: I decided to study at BISLA not only for its attractive courses, taught by prominent experts primarily in English, but also because next to acquiring knowledge, this college emphasizes critical thinking that enables its alumni to act with aplomb in various environments and professional settings.

    Thanks to BISLA, I have become self-confident when talking to significant people in political and cultural life.

    I believe that other Slovak schools would not have enabled me to develop my personality to such a level, which makes me grateful to this one.

    Eva Krajňáková

    BISLA alumnus 2012: I have loved reading books since I was a child, but it was only BISLA that really taught me to read them and find in them entire hidden worlds.

    Experienced professors and enthusiastic schoolmates provided consistently excellent support for this demanding, though very important, effort. What I learned at BISLA has become the basis of my success up to now and in the future.

    Jozef Majerník